About Us

The Bam & Boo Toothbrush is a brand of bamboo toothbrushes.

We intend with this project to bring more ecological and social sustainability to this market that every year and only in Europe throws waste more than 1.000 million plastic and non-biodegradable brushes.

We believe that even the most basic things in life deserve to be rethought to be more functional and eco-friendly.


A more eco-friendly alternative

Today and only in Europe more than 1.000 million plastic toothbrushes are produced every year. And more than 5.000 million worldwide. And most of them go directly to landfill. Just a small part is recycled.

Depending of the source, some state that only about 10% is recycled, 15% is combusted, with some other sources claiming that 10% ends up in the ocean. We believe in our common sense. For sure that there is way too plastic around us. We’re not against it. We’re against using it just once or for a short time. We believe that even the most basic things in life deserve to be rethought to be more functional and eco-friendly.

The Bam&Boo Toothbrush is made of 95% renewable sources and is 95% biodegradable. These 95% are the bamboo handle, the paper carton and the PLA bag. The remaining 5% are the bristles which are made from nylon 6 BPA free. We have at this stage chosen to use these bristles as they are in our opinion still the best way to grant a good oral care. There are 100% bio alternatives like animal hair or PLA bristles, but which according to our standards aren´t yet a good alternative. In the meantime we keep looking for alternatives to cope with these remaining 5%.

Regarding the bamboo, we use moso bamboo and a certified FSC supplier which means that is sourced in a sustainable way. Regarding production we work with a certified partner with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certifications ranging from quality management to environmental management or healthy and safety management.

Still a word on bamboo, apart being a 100% bio material is also a pretty good one. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It’s naturally antibacterial so it doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers and it needs very few water to grow.

Regarding the shipping, we just use standard shipping to minimize environmental impact. The bamboo itself is quite light and together with packaging and with paper envelope it weights no more that 50gr. Since we don’t used protection bubble plastic sometimes the toothbrush packaging arrives slightly crumpled. Then we just use the standard post offices and the “postman pat” of each neighborhood to get our toothbrush right to your door. :) 

The Bam & Boo Toothbrush






BAM Panda and the little BOO girl are best friends. And together they travel around the world to live and learn.

BAM is 26 years old. He's very protective. He's a strong guy and already has some wisdom coming from the wildlife. He's also very brave and fair. He's naturally introverted but that's OK. However, sometimes he needs a little push. Sometimes he doesn't have the initiative or the energy to take a step forward.

BOO girl is 5 years old. Brown hair and brown eyes. Sometimes spoiled for being a girl and the youngest and always protected by older brothers and friends. She's naturally fragile and she's a very warm and young sweetheart. Despite being smart, she's still sometimes naive and obviously lacking from the experience of the older. BOO is very outgoing and full of energy. And brave as BAM. Which sometimes puts her in risky situations. But of course she only does it because she knows BAM is around.

The 2 are best friends and together they complement and balance themselves. Like humans and nature. BOO brings BAM the strength of initiative and energy. And BAM brings security and knowledge. Together they discovered that life and the world are much better together.


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